» The Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physical Sciences (WoPhyS13) was held on Oct. 24-26, 2013, here at UNL. The theme of this year’s conference was “Nano Trek”.

» UNL will lead a $7M research collaboration involving six universities and an industry consortium to develop a new generation of electronic devices. 6 MRSEC scientists are the core of the team. 
» Christian Binek's APS Physics Viewpoint "Controlling Magnetism with a Flip of a Switch" was published in Physics 6, 13 (Feb. 2013).
» An international team of scientists, including Nebraska MRSEC physicists Evgeny TsymbalAlexei Gruverman and J. D. Burton, has discovered a new approach to realize giant resistive switching, as reported in Nature Materials and featured in the UNL press release (Febr. 2013).
» NanoDays 2013 was held at Gateway Shopping Mall on April 6!  NanoDays
» David J. Sellmyer has been quoted by C&EN article "Powerful Pull To New Magnets" (Jan. 2013).
» Haidong Lu (Gruverman group) won the UNL 2013 Outstanding Graduate Research Assistant Award (Jan. 2013).
» Juan Colón Santana (Dowben group) won the UNL 2013 Lowe R. and Mavis M. Folsom Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation Award (Jan. 2013).
» Jinsong Huang wins NSF career award  to build a better solar cell (Dec. 2012).
» Paper from Dowben group highlighted by IOP Labtalk (Dec. 2012).
» Voelte-Keegan Nanoscience Research Center is featured on NSF Science 360 News Service (Dec. 2012).
» Image from Sellmyer group featured on Magnetic Technology International - Showcase 2012 - cover page (Nov. 2012).
» Ning Wu (Dowben group) won the 2012 postdoctoral award of the American Vacuum Society - Magnetic Interfaces & Nanostructures (Nov. 2012).
» WoPHY 2012 - "The Nanoworld is Not Enough" - was held on Oct. 18-20 at UNL.WoPHY 2012
» Evgeny Tsymbal co-edited a book "Multifunctional Oxide Heterostructures" which is published by Oxford University Press. The book is written by world-recognized scientists working in the field of complex oxides (Sept. 2012).
» Image from Dowben group featured on physica status solidi b cover page - collaborative research with MRSEC summer visitors from UPR (Aug. 2012).
» Xiao Cheng Zeng becomes Associate Editor for the journal "Nanoscale" of the Royal Society of Chemistry (May 2012).
» MRSEC hosted a visit by industrial liaisons from NRI (May 2012).
» The Nebraska MRSEC Site Visit was held on May 21-22, 2012.
» David Sellmyer is the recipient of the Louise Pound-George Howard Distinguished Career Award 2012 (Apr. 2012).
» Xia Hong receives NSF CAREER Award (Apr. 2012).
» NanoDays 2012 - March 24 - Westfield Shopping Mall NanoDays 2012
» Our Nebraska MRSEC Review and Industry Workshop was held on March 22-23, 2012.
» Mathias Schubert is named a fellow of the American Physical Society for the development of generalized ellipsometry and the invention of the Optical Hall Effect (Nov. 2011).
» Juan Colon received the Leo M. Falicov Student Award which recognizes outstanding research performed by a graduate student in areas of interest to the Magnetic Interfaces and Nanostructures Division of AVS. (Nov. 2011) UNL press release
» MRSEC's "Materials Girls" Conference was a big success! (Oct. 2011) WoPHY 2011
» The Nebraska Research Initiative supports the proposal to establish a MRSEC shared facility. The new facility will comprise molecular beam epitaxy, scanning probe microscopy, and x-ray photoemission/electron spectroscopy in one instrument.
» Xi He has been recognized as winner of the 2011 MRS Spring Meeting Student Award "Silver". Xi He is the first Nebraska student receiving this prestigious award. (Apr. 2011)
» MRSEC hosted a visit by industrial liaisons from NRI (Apr. 2011).
» J.D. Burton and Evgeny Tsymbal’s work on electrically controlled spin-valve effect made the front web page of Phys. Rev. Lett. with the synopsis of this article being featured by the PRL editor (Apr. 2011).
» NanoDays 2011 - April 2 - Westfield Shopping Mall NanoDays2011
Press release Journal Star
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» Shireen Adenwalla is elected as Secretary/Treasurer of GMAG (Mar. 2011).
» Collaborative research paper by S. DucharmeA. Gruverman, and J. Huang published by Nature Mat. (Feb. 2011).
» Collaborative research paper by K. BelashchenkoC. Binek, and P. Dowben published in PRL (Feb. 2011).
» Evgeny Tsymbal and group members were involved in research on complex oxide heterostructures that was published in Science and Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences (Feb. 2011).
» The book "Scanning Probe Microscopy of Functional Materials", edited by Sergei V. Kalinin and Alexei Gruverman, was recently published by Springer (Jan. 2011).
» The "Handbook of Spin Transport and Magnetism" edited by Evgeny Tsymbal and Igor Žutić will soon be published by Taylor & Francis (Jan. 2011).
» Xi He has been selected for the 2011 UNL Outstanding Graduate Research Assistant Award (Dec. 2010).
» Ralph Skomski is named fellow of the American Physical Society (Dec. 2010).
» The Nebraska MRSEC Review and Symposium was held on October 18-19, 2010.
» Nebraska MRSEC received SRC/NSF Supplement Grant: Study and Control of Intrinsic Magnetization at the Boundary of a Magnetoelectric for Electrically Switchable Magnetic Nanostructures (Oct. 2010). (Press release SRCECN News)
» MRSEC faculty members contributed to the second Undergraduate Women in Physics Conference at UNL (Oct. 2010). WoPHY 2010
» Spintronics breakthrough documented by UNL MRSEC team (June 2010). See NSF Discovery web page.
» Alexei Gruverman received Outstanding Achievement Award at ISIF 2010 (June 2010).
» J.D. Burton received the 2010 Outstanding Postdoc Award by the UNL Office of Postdoctoral Studies (April 2010).
» Evgeny Tsymbal’s research was featured in an invited article at under a section “Materials Thought Leaders Series” (March 2010).
» The paper “Nanomagnetics” by Ralph Skomski was selected as one of the top 20 most cited JPCM Topical Review articles and the JPCM special issue “Half-Metallic Ferromagnets” edited by Peter Dowben as one of the top 20 special issues (Nov. 2009).
» MRSEC faculty members contributed to the first Undergraduate Women in Physics Conference at UNL (Oct. 2009). Undergraduate Women in Physics Conference
» The Nebraska MRSEC Review and Symposium was held on Oct. 1-2, 2009.
» MRSEC hosted a visit by industrial liaisons from NRI (Sept. 2009).
» Nebraska MRSEC video featured on NSF's Science 360 News (Sept. 2009).
» MRSEC summer teachers Steve Wignall and Nick Reding are one of the first people to see the world's first all-electric production car (July 2009).
» 2008 REU summer student Aaron Cochran has been chosen as a 2007-2008 Co-op Meritorious Achievement Award recipient at the University of Wisconsin-Stout! (May 2009) Thank you to his mentor Prof. Shield!
» Two MRSEC grad students (Zhen Li and Xi He) received Best Poster Award at the UNL Research Fair (April 2009).
» Image from Binek group featured on Nanotechnology's cover page (March 2009).
» Image from PRL paper 102, 106803 (2009), Karolina Janicka et. al featured on PRL's cover page (March 2009).
» Jeff Shield and six MRSEC faculty receive NSF-REU grant (Feb. 2009).
» Eva Franke-Schubert receives NSF CAREER Award (Jan. 2009).
» Nebraska MRSEC receives an $8.1M grant from NSF to support research in nanomagnetism through 2014 (Sept. 2008).
» Evgeny Tsymbal is named fellow of the American Physical Society (Oct. 2008).
» MRSEC hosted a visit by industrial liaisons from NRI (Oct. 2008).
» Teachers develop lessons and activities (RET program Summer 2008).
» Kirill Belashchenko receives Cottrell Award from the Research Corporation for Science Advancement (July 2008).
» The paper “Correlation effects and electronic structure of Gd@C60,” by R. F. Sabirianov et al., J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 19, 082201 (2007), was selected as one of the Top Papers 2007 (March 2008).
» Evgeny Tsymbal is named a fellow of the UK Institute of Physics (March 2008).
» Oxford University Press published book “Simple Models of Magnetism” by Ralph Skomski (March 2008).
» John D. Burton received Presidential Fellowship, University of Nebraska 2007-2008.
» Karolina Janicka received Donald F. and Mildred Topp Othmer Graduate Fellowship 2007-2008.
» The following students (all MRSEC!) received the Best Student Poster Awards at the 54th Midwest Solid State Conference (Oct. 2007):
- "The Origins of Tunneling Anisotropic Magnetoresistance in Nanoscale Ferromagnetic Metal Break Junctions" by J. D. Burton (Physics, E. Tsymbal)
- "Locally Probed Ferroelectricity of Ferroelectric Nanomesas by Piezoresponse Force Microscopy" by Jihee Kim (Physics, S. Ducharme)
- "Magnetization Precession and Damping in Ni/Pt Bilayers" by Steven Michalski (Physics, R. Kirby)
- "Temperature Dependent Dielectric Function of Al0.52In0.48P and Ga0.52In0.48P" by Eric Montgomery (Electr. Eng., M. Schubert)
- "Scaling Behavior of the Exchange Bias Training Effect" by Srinivas Polisetty (Physics, Ch. Binek)
- "Thermodynamics of Itinerant Magnets: A Simple Classical Model with Longitudinal Spin Fluctuations" by Alexsander Wysocki (Physics, K. Belashchenko).
» University of Nebraska hosted the 54th Midwest Solid State Conference (Oct. 2007).
» The Nebraska MRSEC Review was held on October 5, 2007.
» Peter Dowben is named a fellow of the American Vacuum Society (Oct. 2007).
» Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter published a special issue on “Half-Metallic Ferromagnets” edited by P. A. Dowben (August 2007).
» Evgeny Tsymbal received the Outstanding Research and Creative Activity Award from College of Arts and Sciences (May 2007).
» Evgeny Tsymbal received the Outstanding Research and Creative Activity Award from College of Arts and Sciences (May 2007).
» Nebraska MRSEC received NRI/NSF Supplement Grant: Multiferroic Interfaces: New Paradigms for Functional Switching (April 2007).
» Christian Binek received Outstanding Young Scientist Award from Sigma Xi (April 2007).
» A. Sokolov, C. Zhang, E. Y. TsymbalJ. Redepenning, and B. Doudin’s Nature Nanotechnology paper “Quantized magnetoresistance in atomic-size contacts” was featured in Physics World, Materials Todaythe EconomistTechWorld, by the Institute of Physics PhysicsWebthe American Physical Society, and the American Institute of Physics (Feb. 2007).
» Xiangxin Rui received Pierson Graduate Research Award 2007.
» Lu Yuan received University-wide Folsom Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation Award 2007.
» Danqin Feng received Fling Fellowship 2006-2007 and Sigma Xi Outstanding Graduate Student Award 2007.
» The paper 'Nanomagnetics' by R. SkomskiJ. Phys: Condens. Matter 15, R841-896 (2003) was selected by SPIE as one of the top 50 papers ever published in the field of nanotechnology theory and modeling and included in a reprint volume (2006).
» J. D. Burton received UNL College of Arts & Sciences Outstanding Graduate Research Assistant Award and Graduate Student Research Competition Prize at UNL Research Fair (2006).
» Christian Binek and J. D. Burton received Best Poster Award at 53rd Midwest Solid State Conference, Kansas City 2006.
» Peter Dowben received Excellence in Graduate Education Award and College of Engineering Multidisciplinary Research Award 2006.
» Luis Rosa received GRC Carl Storm Underrepresented Minority Fellowship 2005 and UNL College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Research Assistant Award 2006.
» David Sellmyer received University of Nebraska Sigma Xi Outstanding Scientist Award 2005-2006.
» Danqin Feng received University of Nebraska Frank and Marie Wheeler Fellowship 2005-2006.
» Anthony Caruso received Folsom Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation Award 2005.
» Peter A. Dowben and Xiao Cheng Zeng were elected Fellow of the American Physical Society (Oct. 2005).
» Diandra Leslie-PeleckySteve Wignall (RET Participant) have Trophy Award Winner Paper at MRS Fall Meeting 2004.
» Peter Dowben is named Elected Fellow of the Institute of Physics (Nov. 2004).
» Anthony Caruso received Sigma Xi Graduate Student Paper Award (2004) and Bukey Memorial Fellowship (2004-2005).