Nebraska MRSEC Research
Nebraska MRSEC Research

Recent Discoveries:

» Nebraska MRSEC researchers developed a magneto-optical table-top setup that allows detecting magnetic order in magnetoelectric antiferromagnets, such as chromia, which rotate the plane of polarization of transmitted light in response to electric fields. Probing with light of a specific wavelength allows determining the domain state from the sign of the rotation angle. In chromia, domain states can not only be detected but also selected through voltage. This property plays a key role in potential ultra-low power spintronic memory and logic devices. Advancing them requires investigation of antiferromagnetic domains. (Phys. Rev. Applied 5, 031001 (2016)) more...

» Nebraska MRSEC researchers have demonstrated for the first time the successful growth of a continuous nanometer thin film of a proton transfer ferroelectric organics, croconic acid, solvent-free from the vapor phase, while fully maintaining the material’s ferroelectric properties. The key to success has been the careful sublimation of croconic acid powder at temperatures that are far below the melting point. Ferroelectric testing of the films at room temperature shows a polydomain structure which can be manipulated locally, at the level of individual nanocrystals, by applying a voltage pulse to the tip of an atomic force microscope. The application of the solvent-free growth protocol to molecular ferroelectric thin films is scalable and may be key to the development of flexible and bendable ferroelectric thin films for electronics applications. more...

MRSEC research

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