Nebraska MRSEC Research
Nebraska MRSEC Research

Current Research

IRG 1: Magnetoelectric Materials and Functional Interfaces
IRG 2: Polarization-Enabled Electronic Phenomena
Seed Project: NanoThermoMechanical Thermal Computing: NanoPhotonics Metamaterials for High Temperature Memories and Logic Devices
Seed Project: Dielectric Mechano-Opto-Magnetic Metamaterials
Seed Project: Electronic, Transport, and Defect Properties of Low-Dimensional Ferroelectric Systems from First-Principles

Recent Discoveries:

» Nebraska MRSEC researchers have implemented hybrid electronic devices comprising two-dimensional (2D) materials and ferroelectric thin films of barium titanate (BaTiO3) that exhibit polarization-controlled non-volatile modulation of the electronic properties. (Nano Lett. 17, 922 (2017)) read more...

» Developing a magneto-optical table-top setup that allows detecting magnetic order in magnetoelectric antiferromagnets, such as chromia, which rotate the plane of polarization of transmitted light in response to electric fields. (Phys. Rev. Applied 5, 031001 (2016)) read more...

» For the first time - successful growth of a continuous nanometer thin film of a proton transfer ferroelectric organics, croconic acid, solvent-free from the vapor phase, while fully maintaining the material’s ferroelectric properties. read more...

MRSEC research

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