Education and Outreach - REU

Undergraduates in Research

Twelve undergraduate students were engaged in MRSEC research during 2003. Their majors include physics, chemistry, biology, chemical engineering, computer engineering, and electrical engineering, as indicated below:

Angelica Wong (Chemical Engineering, worked with D. Sellmyer and Y. Sui)
“Fabrication of highly ordered porous alumina templates”

Ross Andrews (Chemistry, worked with A. Rajca)

John Burton (Physics, worked with E. Tsymbal and S. S. Jaswal)
“Micromagnetics and electron transport in nanostructures”

Peter Jacobson (Physics, worked with P. Dowben)
“Intercalation in polymer dielectrics”

Shoji Masatoshi (Physics, worked with D. Sellmyer)

Shaina Remboldt (Physics, worked with D. Leslie-Pelecky)

Raymond Lemoine (Physics, worked with D. Leslie-Pelecky)
“Designing and building a new vacuum chamber to collect nanoparticles in a liquid suspension”

Clay Sheaff (Electrical Engineering, worked with B. Doudin)

Aaron Hurlbut (Biology, worked with B. Doudin)

Wenjin Zhou (Computer Science, worked with S. Liou)


Two undergraduate students from Salford University (U.K.) were working on MRSEC projects this summer. They were:
Joanna Denbigh (Chemistry, worked with J. Belot) and
Damien Webb (Chemistry, worked with J. Brand and B. Robertson)
“Thermodynamic Properties of Precursors for Efficient Exitonic Insulator Production”

MRSEC Nebraska REU 03

Angelica together with Dave Sellmyer at the vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM)

MRSEC Nebraska REU 03
Shaina is writing a computer program that simulates x-ray diffraction produces intensities peaks.