Education and Outreach - REU

Undergraduates and Graduates in Research

Ten undergraduates and two high-school students participate in MRSEC research during 2004. The participants and their mentors were:


David Kim (high school student, now undergraduate physics major, S. Adenwalla)

Daniel Williams (high school student, now undergraduate math/physics major, R. Kirby)

Bradley Peterson (Physics, S. Ducharme)

Peter Jacobson (Physics, P. Dowben)

Daniel Hershberger (Chemistry, J. Redepenning)

Royce Sheibal (Physics, D. Sellmyer)

Corey Shilling (Physics, S. Liou)

Clay Sheaff (Electrical Engineering, B. Doudin)
“Piczoelectric Micromanipularor for biomedical applications for the University of Nebraska Medical Center”

Bob Buckley (Physics, R. Kirby)

Wenjin Zhou (Physics, S. Liou)

Cole Weber (Physics, S. Adenwalla)

Neal Bartels (Physics, S. Ducharme) 

 MRSEC Nebraska REU 04

Clay Sheaff

MRSEC Nebraska REU 04

D. Williams tests numerous samples of cobalt multilayers to find out how much the rotate the polarization of light under a varying magnetic field.


Also, thirteen graduate students were fully or partially supported in 2004. Two of them were:

Timothy Reece (Physics, worked with S. Ducharme)
“Fabrication and study of MFIS capacitors which include Langmuir-Blodgett ferroelectric films.”

Christina Othon (Physics, S. Ducharme)
“Patterning of ultra-thin ferroelectric polymer films for studying switching dynamics.”

 MRSEC Nebraska REU 04

T. Reece, S. Ducharme, C. Othon with the Langmuir-Blodgett apparatus used to make two-dimensional ferroelectric films.