Education and Outreach - REU

Undergraduates and Graduates in Research - Summer 2008

Undergraduates during Summer 2008

Brian Bell (Stetson University)
worked with E. Schubert (Electrical Engineering)

Kristy Carey (Truman State University)
worked with M. Langell (Chemistry)

Cody Mart (Utah State University)
worked with S. Adenwalla (Physics)

Camilla Moir (University of California - Irvine)
worked with R. Kirby (Physics)

David Moore (Union University)
worked with R. Saraf (Chemical Engineering)

Cameron Sanders (BYU Idaho)
worked with D. Umstadter (Physics)

Alexis Villarreal (University of Texas-Pan American)
worked with Prof. Sellmyer (Physics)

Aaron Cochran (University of Wisconsin-Stout)
worked with Prof. Shield (Mechan. Eng.)

Jacob Ferina (Madison Area Technical College, Madison, WI)
worked with Prof. Shield (Mechan. Eng.)

Emmanuel Utreras-Mercado (University of Puerto Rico-Humacao)
worked with Prof. Dowben (Physics)


Aaron Cochran


Kristy Carey


Camilla Moir





Tom George, Xiaohui Wei (Physics, D. Sellmyer)

Karolina Janicka (Physics, E. Tsymbal)

Andrew Baruth, Abhijit Mardana (Physics, S. Adenwalla)

Tathagata Mukherjee,Yi Wang, Srinivas Polisetty, Xi He (Physics, Ch. Binek)