Science Slams video applications will be submitted using Flipgrid.  The Flipgrid app can be downloaded free from both the App Store and Google Play, or you can submit your video via the website at, with no account or login required. Simply follow these steps from the Flipgrid main page or phone app:  

1. Enter “unlscislam” as your grid code on the Flipgrid website (shown at left) or phone app (shown at right).

ss1 s1


2. On the Flipgrid website, click "Science Slam 2018" to view the grid.



3. On the website (left), the grid screen allows you to view the video prompt to which you will respond; view the video applications submitted by last year's finalists; and then begin your submission by clicking the green "plus" symbol.  On the phone app (right), touch the video prompt to view it, touch "responses" to view the video applications by last year's finalists, then touch the green bar to begin your submission.

ss3 ss3a


4. Follow the on-screen directions to record and submit your video application. You will have only 90 seconds to respond to the video prompt, but you will be able to review and re-record your response as many times as you like before submitting it. Note that you can also pause your recording at any time. If using the phone app (right), you can also change between rear- and front-facing cameras while recording is paused.

ss4 ss4a



5. Don't forget to give us your info! You MUST include your email address in order for your Science Slam application to be considered.

ss7 ss7a


IMPORTANT: If you experience technical difficulties using Flipgrid or would prefer to submit your video application by another means, please contact Jocelyn Bosley ( for assistance and further instruction.