Why should you apply to present at the 2020 Science Slam? Watch to learn more!

Your application will be in the form of a 90-second video "trailer," which will offer a preview of your potential Science Slams presentation. The selection committee is not only interested in the scientific content of your story, but also in your ability to engage the viewer with your creativity and narrative skills. Keep in mind that your video application should include a beginning, middle, and end, but will not include all the details of your story.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Your audience is capable of understanding basic scientific concepts and doesn't want or need to be "talked down to," but they lack your specialized expertise and advanced technical and mathematical vocabulary.
  • Don't dilute; distill. Communicate the essence of the science in terms that are understandable to everyone.
  • Don’t explain; evoke. Ask yourself why YOU think your research is cool, and if the answer sounds like something that belongs in a grant application, ask yourself, “No, why do you really think your research is cool?”
  • Use whatever means and media will enable you to help your audience understand and appreciate that “Eureka!” feeling, over and above the details of your research. 

We recognize that giving such a presentation is an unfamiliar experience for many scientists, so we have compiled the following resources and examples to aid you in crafting your video application and your talk:

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Still have questions?  Watch our helpful how-to video!