Four-Year College Faculty-Student Team Fellowships Program

During the summer of 2004,
Faculty-Student Team 04

Prof. Stephen Wallin and student Corey Shilling from Colorado State University - Pueblo

The aim of the research has been to contribute to the magnetoresistance and microcantilever torque magnetometer (MTM) projects with Professor Sy-Hwang Liou's group. This effort comprised working closely with a few of the graduate students (Lu Yuan, Lan Gao, and Leigh Ann Nicholl).
The Colorado team concentrated on the spin tunneling magnetoresistance (MR) measurement with angular dependence. A multi-layered sample with structure CrMnPt/FeCo/Ru/CoFeB/Al2O3/CoFeB/Ru was investigated.

Faculty-Student Team 04Faculty-Student Team 04

Prof. Nathanael Fackler and student Daniel Hersberger from Nebraska Wesleyan University

A Study of the Synthesis of Magnetic Nanoparticles using Solution Methods

“The synthesis of nanoparticles, particles less than 100 nm in diameter, has proven of substantial interest to materials scientists. The term “nanoparticle” entered the primary literature approximately in 1990 and has grown exponentially in use (9000 nanoparticle related publications in 2003). Interest stems from the fact that within the nanometer range many materials manifest properties different from bulk material of the same composition, opening a new area of theoretical and experimental research.
Our work this summer focused on the synthesis of magnetic metal nanoparticles of cobalt and nickel, as well as alloys, using solution based, low temperature methods. These methods show great promise for the production of monodispersed nanometer size particles in quantities unavailable by other mechanical or instrument intensive means.”