Research Experience for Faculty and Students at Undergraduate Institutions

Our enhanced Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program recruits two faculty/student pairs from regional four-year colleges and universities to engage in summer research with MRSEC faculty, with the goal of providing a research experience which benefit both the participants and the MRSEC projects. It is expected that the professor/student pairs continue to expand on MRSEC-related research at their home institutions during the academic year. A summer stipend for the professorial member will be provided for up to two full months of full-time commitment to the MRSEC project. The student will receive a weekly salary plus free room/board for up to 10 weeks of commitment to the project.

Professor/Student Pairs:

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In summer 2019, the following faculty/student teams joined the MRSEC group:

PSP 2019

Prof. David Cornelison and student Nicholas Rogers
Missouri State University, Springfield, MO
worked with Xiaoshan Xu, Physics.

PSP 2018

Prof. Carolina Ilie aand students Trieu Le, Annika Neufeld-Kreider, and Roselyn Tofa
State University New York, Oswego, NY

worked with Peter Dowben, Physics and Alexander Sinitskii, Chemistry.