Shared facilities include Central Experimental Facilities operated by the Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience (NCMN), Central Computational Facilities operated by the Holland Computing Center (HCC), and Shared Laboratory Facilities specific to P-SPINS. The Central Experimental Facilities are recharge centers with faculty supervisors and materials specialists who maintain equipment and train users. The Central Computational Facilities are free of charge and open to all University of Nebraska researchers.

P-SPINS is a member of the Materials Research Facilities Network (MRFN).

Materials Research Facilities Network

MRSEC Shared Laboratory Facilities

Electron Spectroscopy Facilities
Facility supervisor: Peter Dowben

These facilities permit measurements of the spin-dependent electronic band structure of surfaces and include
(i) Spin-polarized inverse photoemission and angle-resolved inverse photoemission facility;
(ii) UV and Soft x-ray photoemission facility, including ESCA and angle-resolved XPS;
(iii) Spin-polarized electron energy loss facility.

Electron Spectroscopy Facilities
Thin Film Growth and Characterization Facilities
Facility supervisors: Peter Dowben, Alexei Gruverman, Xiaoshan Xu

This facility permits nanofabrication and in-situ characterization of structural, electronic, magnetic, and transport properties of materials at the ultimate atomic scale. The facility includes a multi-chamber ultrahigh vacuum system with variable temperature and in-situ capabilities:
(i) MBE system with various evaporators;
(ii) High resolution electron spectroscopy system;
(iii) Variable temperature SPM system
(iv) MOKE.

thin film growth facility