Four-Year College Faculty-Student Team Fellowships Program

In summer 2006, the following faculty/student teams have joined the MRSEC group:
Faculty-Student Team 06

Prof. Michael Doescher and student Mark Vaughan from Benedictine College in Atchison, KS
Worked with Jody Redepenning and Andrei Sokolov, Chemistry/Physics.

"Our project consisted of producing segmented nickel/bismuth/nickel wires in a controlled manner via electrodeposition to study magnetoresistance in these composite structures. Microporous alumina-templates were sputtered with gold and then electroplated with a nickel backing. Then, nickel and bismuth were plated sequentially in the pores of the template to form a wire with multiple segments Ni / (Bi / Ni)n. Voltage and current were controlled to produce predictable results."

Faculty-Student Team 06

Prof. Marlann Patterson and student Jacob Smith from the University of Wisconsin - Platteville
Worked with Jeff Shield, Mechanical Engineering.

"I am trying to establish a correlation between MnAu nanocluster size and there magnetic properties. This has been a great experience working in a hands-on environment with knowledgeable and helpful professors and graduate students. It has given me perspective on the ‘research experience’ and has provided insight as to what graduate work in this field would be like."
Jacob D. Smith