Summer Research Experience for Teachers

In the summer of 2018, the following teachers joined the MRSEC team:

Emily Schaefer, Lincoln East High School
worked with Rebecca Lai, Chemistry.

"The objective of my research project was to compare the sensing capabilities of serine-containing and phosphoserine-containing electrochemical peptide-based sensors to detect Uranium (U(VI)). Both probes are modified with a methylene blue redox label. In the absence of target, the probe is highly flexible and the current is high. When exposed to target [U(VI)], the current is reduced due to the restrictions created by bonds. The phosphoserine had a higher binding affinity for the target as a result of the extra phosphoric group, and for that reason, it reduced the current more than the probe lacking the extra phosphoric group."


Steven Wignall, Seward High School
worked with Stephen Ducharme, Physics.

"This summer I again had the great opportunity to do research with Professor Ducharmes' group. My experiences continued with the fabrication of different Diisopropylammonium (DIPA) salts that I started last summer. Besides this, I continue to assistance in the educational outreach of NCMN and MRSEC to Nebraska science teachers and students.“


Ethan Van Winkle (Lincoln Southeast High School)
worked with Shireen Adenwalla, Physics.

Ethan studied the effects of surface acoustic waves (SAW) on the magnetic properties of thin films using the Magneto-optic Kerr effect.


Patricia Niemoth, Dorchester High School
worked with Xia Hong, Physics.

"Working with Dr. Hong’s research group, under the direction of Dr. Jinfeng Song, I helped to locate thin pieces of 2D material for use in transistors. Using an optical microscope, I scanned slides to locate uniform thin pieces of MoS2 and ReS2. The pieces needed to be a minimum of 5 microns by 5 microns. These monolayers or bilayers will be used in making transistors. I was also attended talks on microscopy, X-ray diffraction, ferroelectrics, nanofabrication, lithography, and more. This has been a wonderful experience, learning so much and working with passionate and caring people."