NRI Site Visit, October 29, 2008

Nanoelectronics Research Initiative Site Visit

University of Nebraska scientists hosted a team of industry researchers from the Nanoelectronics Research Initiative (NRI) on October 29, 2008 as part of the joint NRI/NSF Supplement to the Nebraska MRSEC. The visiting NRI team was George Bourianoff (Intel), Zoran Krivokapic (AMD) and Bill Gallagher (IBM).

NRI liaison team leader George Bourianoff presented an overview of the goals and challenges of the NRI for beyond CMOS technology. Nebraska researchers then presented results from several active research projects. The goal of the Nebraska MRSEC supplement is to theoretically study multiferroic interfaces as a new paradigms for functional switching, but topics from a broader range of research relevant to the goals of the NRI were also presented. The visit provided a forum for stimulating discussions about how Nebraska research can and will help meet the goals of the NRI.


  • Challenges for beyond CMOS Logic Devices, George Bourianoff
  • Overview of the project: Multiferroic interfaces: new paradigms for functional switching, Evgeny Tsymbal
  • Piezomagnetic effects at Mn-based antiperovskite interfaces, Renat Sabirianov
  • Novel transport phenomena in all-oxide tunnel junctions, J. D. Burton
  • Quantum confinement of 2DEG at LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interfaces, Karolina Janicka
  • Switchable 2DEGs, Manish Niranjan
  • Magnetism at the Cr2O3 surface, Alexander Wysocki
  • Electrically controlled magnetism, Christian Binek


NRI meeting 2008

George Bourianoff speaks about the challenges and goals of the NRI.

NRI Site Visit

Industry Liaisons

George Bourianoff – Intel
Luigi Colombo –
Texas Instruments
Bill Gallagher – IBM
Zoran Krivokapic – AMD
Bob Steimle – Freescale


NRI Site Visit 2008


NRI Site Visit 2008