Nebraska MRSEC Review
October 5, 2007

The Nebraska MRSEC review was held on October 5, 2007 at the Holiday Inn, Downtown Lincoln. The review was attended by the MRSEC Advisory Board members and included research presentations of IRG 1, IRG 2, and seed projects followed by a poster session. The Review provided a forum for stimulating discussions about the current and planned MRSEC research.

Review Program

QSPINS Overview, Evgeny Tsymbal

IRG 1: Nanoscale Magnetism: Structures, Materials and Phenomena
Overview, David Sellmyer
  • Electronic Structure and Magnetism of Novel Magnetic Clusters, Xiao Zeng
  • Cluster-Assembled Exchange-Coupled Materials, Jeff Shield
  • Thermally and Exchange-Assisted Switching in Nanomagnets, Ralph Skomski
  • Magnetization Dynamics in Nanomagnetic Structures, Roger Kirby
  • High-Density Model Nanostructures - From Single Atoms to Hybrid Structures, Axel Enders
  • High-Sensitivity Magnetometry of Nanostructures, Sy-Hwang Liou

IRG 2: Spin Transport and Interface Effects in Magnetic and Magnetoelectric Nanostructures
Overview, Christian Binek
  • Quantum Transport in Nanocontacts Jody Redepenning
  • Spin-Dependent Switching Devices, Andrei Sokolov
  • Surfaces of Nominally Half-Metallic Materials, Peter Dowben
  • Ferroelectric Tunnel Junctions, Steve Ducharme
  • Magnetoelectric Interactions in Polymer Ferroelectric/Metallic Ferromagnetic Heterostructures, Shireen Adenwalla
  • Coupled Ferromagnet/Inorganic Ferroelectric Interfaces, Mathias Schubert
  • Magnetoelectric Oxides and Electrically Controlled Exchange Bias, Christian Binek
  • Piezomagnetic Effect in Mn-Based Antiperovskites, Renat Sabirianov

Seed Projects
  • Collective Buckling in Periodic Arrays of Soft Nanofeatures, Li Tan
  • Magnetic Properties of Mixed-Metal Oxide Nanoparticles, Marjorie Langell
  • Large Area Electro-Magneto-Optical Thin Film Nanodevice for Imaging and High Density Storage, Ravi Saraf
  • Magnetism of Ferromagnetic Nanospirals, Eva Franke-Schubert
  • Electronic DNA Detection via Magnetic Nanoparticles Preconcentration, Rebecca Lai

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