Nebraska MRSEC Review - Poster Session

Monday, 18 Oct. 2010 4:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m., Jorgensen Hall

Poster Presenters

1. Paul Larson
"Disordered Local Moment (DLM) Method: Understanding Magnetically Ordered Systems at Finite Temperatures"

2. Joonhee An
"Structural Phase Equilibria of {Gd, Eu}O Alloys and their Exchange Interactions"

3. Aleksander Wysocki
"First Principles Analysis of Spin-Disorder Resistivity"

4. Pavel Lukashev
"Flexomagnetic Effect in Frustrated Triangular Magnetic Structures"

5. J. D. Burton
"Electrically Induced Magnetic Reconstruction at the Manganite/Ferroelectric Interface"

6. Xi He
"Imaging and Electric Control of Surface and Interface Magnetization in Chromia and Chromia/CoPd Exchange Bias Heterostructures"

7. Will Echtenkamp
"Piezoelectric Tuning of Exchange Bias in a BaTiO3/Co/CoO Heterostructure"

8. Tathagata Mukherjee
"Probing Equilibrium by Non-Equilibrium Dynamics: Aging in Co/Cr Superlattices"

9. Yi Wang
"Correlation between Bias Fields and Magnetoresistance in CoPt Biased NiFe/Ta/NiFe Heterosystems"

10. Balamurugan Balasubramanian
"Magnetism of Cluster-Deposited YCo5 and Y2Co17 Nanoparticles"

11. Xiaohui Wei
"Magnetism and Structure of MnAu Clusters"

12. Damien Le Roy
"TNT Detection Scheme using Microcantilever Torsional Magnetometry"

13. Tom George
"Magnetic and Structural Properties of Post-Deposition Annealed Fe/Pt Multilayer Thin Films with Thick Pt Terminating Layers"

14. Steven Michalski
"Entropy Changes in Nanocomposite Fe:Ni69Cu31"

15. Zhen Li
"Magnetization Dynamics of Cobalt-Ruthenium-Cobalt Trilayers"

16. Ning Wu
"The Electronic Structure of CoS2"

17. Parashu Kharel
"Spin Correlations and Transport Spin Polarization in MnBi Based Alloys"

18. Rui Zhang
"Spin Structure and Exchange Bias in Fe-Co/CrPt"

19. Geoffrey Rojas
"Non-Metallated Porphyrins on Noble Metal Substrates"

20. Xumin Chen
"Is There Antiferromagnetic Coupling in Cobalt Nanoclusters?"

21. Abhijit Mardana
"Magneto-Electric Effects in Ferromagnetic Cobalt / Ferroelectric Copolymer Multilayer Films"

22. Nina Hong
"Charge Capture Efficiency in a Semiconducting BC Film for Effective Detection of Thermal Neutrons"

23. Jing Liu
"The Local Structure of Transition Metal Doped Semiconducting Boron Carbides"

24. Bin Yang
"Hysteretic and Anisotropic Magnetoresistance of Room Temperature Ferromagnetic Polymer"

25. Xiaolu Yin
"Influence of Magnetostatic Interactions on the Magnetization Reversal of Patterned Magnetic Elements"

26. Daniel Schmidt
"Spectroscopic Ellipsometry for Metamaterials by Glancing Angle Deposition"

27. Venkata Voora
"The Corrugated Interface Strain Coupled Magnetostrictive-Ferroelectric Piezoelectric Semiconductor Device"

28. Philipp Kuehne
"Free-Charge Carrier Properties of Graphene Layers on SiC"

29. Rafal Korlacki
"Dynamic Control of Quantum Dots Photoluminescence by External Fields"

30. Kristin Kraemer
"Functionalized Barium Titanate and Titania Nanoparticles to Enhance Dielectric Properties"

Nebraska MRSEC Review - Poster Session 2010

Nebraska MRSEC Review - Poster Session 2010

Nebraska MRSEC Review - Poster Session 2010

Nebraska MRSEC Review - Poster Session 2010

Nebraska MRSEC Review - Poster Session 2010