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How Strong is It?

Roger D. Kirby
Nebraska MRSEC

University of Nebraska MRSEC faculty worked with first-grade students at Morley Elementary School for seven science lessons to study many properties of magnetism and magnetic materials. These enthusiastic students used hands-on activities to learn how to tell whether a material is magnetic, how to make magnets in a variety of ways, how the earth behaves as a giant magnet, and how like poles repel, and unlike poles attract. They were especially intrigued by the question of how “strong” a magnet could be, and delighted in testing to find out.

These programs are supported by the National Science Foundation, Division of Materials Research, Materials Research Science and Engineering Program, Grant 0820521.


How Strong is It?

Morley Elementary School first graders test the strength of an electromagnet.

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Date: March 2009
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