Featured Publications:

» Nano Letters 2014
- X. Wei, R. Zhou, W. Lefebvre, K. He, D. Le Roy, R. Skomski, X. Li, J. E. Shield, M. J. Kramer, S. Chen, X. C. Zeng, and D. J. Sellmyer, "Structural and Magnetic Evolution of Bimetallic MnAu Clusters Driven by Asymmetric Atomic Migration," Nano Lett.  14, 1362−1368 (2014).
- C. Phatak, Y. Liu, E. B. Gulsoy, D. Schmidt, E. Schubert, and A. Petford-Long, “Visualization of the Magnetic Structure of Sculpted Three-Dimensional Cobalt Nanospirals,” Nano Lett. 14, 759-764 (2014).

» Nature Communications 2014
T. H. Vo, M. Shekhirev, D. A. Kunkel, M. D. Morton, E. Berglund, L. Kong, P. M. Wilson, P. A. Dowben, A. Enders, and A. Sinitskii, “Large-Scale Solution Synthesis of Narrow Graphene Nanoribbons,” Nature Communications 5, 3189 (2014). 

» Nature Materials 2013
An international team of scientists, including Nebraska MRSEC physicists Evgeny TsymbalAlexei Gruverman and J. D. Burton, has discovered a new approach to realize giant resistive switching, as reported in Nature Materials and featured in the UNL press release (Febr. 2013).
- E. Y. Tsymbal and A. Gruverman, "Ferroelectric tunnel junctions: Beyond the barrier,” Nature Materials 12, 602-604 (2013).

» APS Physics Viewpoint 2013
Christian Binek "Controlling Magnetism with a Flip of a Switch," Physics 6, 13 (2013).

» Science 2012
H. Lu, C.-W. Bark, D. Esque de los Ojos, J. Alcala, C. B. Eom, G. Catalan, and A. Gruverman, "Mechanical Writing of Ferroelectric Polarization," Science 6, 59-64 (2012). Featured on NSF Discoveries web page.
Listen to Alexei Gruverman's interview on the April 6th Science podcast.

» Nature Materials 2012
Evgeny TsymbalSpintronics: Electric Toggling of Magnets”, Nature Materials 11, 12-13 (2012) .

» Published Book 2012

Simple Models of Magnetism” by Ralph Skomski (Oxford University Press) (June 2012).

» Published Books 2011
- “Scanning Probe Microscopy of Functional Materials” by Sergei V. Kalinin and Alexei Gruverman (Springer).
- “Handbook of Spin Transport and Magnetism” by Evgeny Y. Tsymbal and Igor Źutić (CRC Press - Taylor & Francis Group).

» Nano Letters 2011
B. Balasubramanian, R. Skomski, X. Li, S. R. Valloppilly, J. E. Shield, G. C. Hadjipanayis, and D. J. Sellmyer, “Cluster Synthesis and Direct Ordering of Rare-Earth Transition-Metal Nanomagnets,” Nano Lett. 11 (4), 1747-52 (2011).

» ACS Nano 2011
R. Zhou, X. Wei, K. He, J. E. Shield, D. J. Sellmyer, and X. C. Zeng, “Theoretical and Experimental Characterization of Structures of MnAu Nanoclusters in the Size Range of 1-3 nm,” ACS Nano 5 (12), 9966-76 (2011).

» Nano Letters 2011
A. Mardana, S. Ducharme, and S. Adenwalla, “Ferroelectric Control of Magnetic Anisotropy,” Nano Letters 11 (9), 3862-3867 (2011).

» Invited MRS Review 2011
E. Y. Tsymbal, A. Gruverman, V. Garcia, M. Bibes, and A. Barthélémy, : “Ferroelectric and Multiferroic Tunnel Junctions,” MRS Bulletin 37, 138-43 (2012).

» Nature Materials 2011
Y. Yuan, T. J. Reece, P. Sharma, S. Poddar, S. Ducharme, A. Gruverman, Y. Yang, and J. Huang, “Efficiency enhancement in organic solar cells with ferroelectric polymers,” Nature Materials 10, 296-302 (2011).

» Physical Review Letters 2011
N. Wu, X. He, A. L. Wysocki, U. Lanke, T. Komesu, K. D. Belashchenko, C. Binek, and P. A. Dowben, “Imaging and control of surface magnetization domains in a magnetoelectric antiferromagnet,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 087202 (2010).

» Nature Materials 2010
Xi He, Yi Wang, Ning Wu, Anthony N. Caruso, Elio Vescovo, Kirill Belashchenko, Peter Dowben, and Christian Binek, "Robust isothermal electric control of exchange bias at room temperature"
Nature Materials 9, 579–585 (2010). Featured on NSF Discoveries web page.

» ACS Nano 2010
B. Balasubramanian, K. L. Kraemer, N. A. Reding, R. Skomski, S. Ducharme, and D. J. Sellmyer, “Synthesis of Monodisperse TiO2-Paraffin Core-Shell Nanoparticles for Improved Dielectric Properties,” ACS Nano 4 (4), 1893-1900 (2010).

» Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter - Top 20 special issues
(20th anniversary JPCM)
(Nov. 2009)
Half-Metallic Ferromagnets” edited by Peter Dowben

» Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter - Top 20 most cited Topical Review articles
(20th anniversary JPCM)
(Nov. 2009)
R. SkomskiNanomagnetics” J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 15, R841-896 (2003).

» Nanotechnology 2009
V. Bliznyuk, S. Singamaneni, S. Sahoo, S. Polisetty, Xi He and Ch. Binek, “Self-assembly of magnetic Ni nanoparticles into 1D arrays with antiferromagnetic order,” Nanotechnology 20, 105606 (2009), featured on Nanotechnology cover page.

» Nature Materials 2009
Stephen Ducharme and Alexei GruvermanFerroelectrics: Start the presses” Nature Materials 8, 9-10 (2009).

» Published Book 2009
Nanoscale Magnetic Materials and Applications” Eds.: J. Ping Liu, Eric Fullerton, Oliver Gutfleishch, David J. Sellmyer (Springer).

» Physical Review Letters 2009
- K. Janicka, J. Velev, and E. Y. Tsymbal, “Quantum Nature of Two-Dimensional Electron Gas Confinement at LaAlO3=SrTiO3 Interfaces”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 106803 (2009), featured on PRL's cover page.
- International Collaboration between United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, and USA: J. Honolka, T. Y. Lee, K. Kuhnke, A. Enders, R. Skomski, S. Bornemann, S. Mankovsky, J. Minar, J. Staunton, H. Ebert, M. Hessler, K. Fauth, G. Schütz, A. Buchsbaum, M. Schmidt, P. Varga, and K. Kern, “Magnetism of FePt Surface Alloys,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 067207 (2009).



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