MRSEC Supplemental Grants


SRC/NSF Supplement to Nebraska MRSEC:

Study and Control of Intrinsic Magnetization at the Boundary of a Magnetoelectric for Electrically Switchable Magnetic Nanostructures

Kirill Belashenko, Christian Binek, Peter Dowben




SRC/NSF Supplement to Nebraska MRSEC




Previous MRSEC Supplement:

Investigation of Critical Polarization Behavior in Ultrathin Ferroelectric Films

Alexei Gruverman, Evgeny Tsymbal, Chang-Beom Eom (U. Wisconsin)


Previous NRI/NSF Supplement to Nebraska MRSEC:

Multiferroic Interfaces: New Paradigms for Functional Switching

Evgeny Tsymbal, Kirill Belashchenko, Renat Sabirianov